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simple ideas for large or smallbathroom design With hundreds renovated bathrooms in Chicago, our team has proven is able to design, handle and finish any size bathroom remodeling project. From gorgeous master bathrooms with radiant floors and luxury design to small bathroom remodeling projects where creative ideas developed to make them appear larger.
get more space with new home addition Make a smart investment whether it is a new master bedroom or a large and bright living room. Expand your kitchen, or build a second story for your growing family, produce a task and we will deliver a solution. Our role would be to create a seamless addition that blends into an existing structure, keep consistent exterior style...
cook in style and comfort of your dream kitchen Personalized kitchen may serve as an owner's statement, add character and make the kitchen itself practical and convenient after remodeling. It is proven that remodeled kitchen delivers the most bang for your buck when it comes to selling or refinancing your house. Gorgeous granite counters and slick appliances to prove modern style or a stylish rustic look with reliable plumbing and structure - you name it!

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Augustyn Construction Corporation is a family owned general construction company with over 15 years of experience. We offer a complete service for your home renovation or new construction project.

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A complete set of renovation services from basement renovation to bathroom and kitchen remodeling, attic remodeling, plastering, painting and decorating.

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Complex & Diverse Construction


Extended experience with erecting new structures and rebuilding houses from ground up, combined with extensive experience of inside renovation is a recipe of a resulting solid structure with a great finish.

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When mortar becomes loose in the joints between the bricks, the structure it used to support becomes literally in danger. Tuck pointing (re-pointing) replaces this mortar and prevents walls from collapsing

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Masonry Services


Whether you decide to build a new mailbox, rebuild a chimney or repair a brick wall we offer high quality workmanship on masonry jobs.

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Our services and skillset

Augustyn Construction Corporation is one source for various remodeling and new construction services:

Frontpage Image Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling
Turn your kitchen into your dream kitchen. Outdated bathroom? We can help make your dreams come true and create their character.
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Basement and Attic Renovation Basement and Attic Renovation
There is a space built-in your house. Why not use it? If you have a wasted space that can potentially serve a purpose it is a good time to do it.
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Plastering, Painting and Decorating Plastering, Painting and Decorating
Complete a look of remodeled or spice up your older home with fixing plaster and fresh coat of paint. It always helps you bring an updated feel.
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Home additions Home additions
Home addition is the best way to add space to your living quarters like additional bedroom(s) or a spacious kitchen. Bumps up a value of your home too.
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Chicago Masonry Services Chicago Masonry Services
From major masonry job to tuckpointing and sealer injectioncan save walls from deteriorating or chimneys from falling apart.
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