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Increasing space with House Addition

Home addition framing in Glencoe

get more space with new home addition

Make a smart investment whether it is a new master bedroom or a large and bright living room. Expand your kitchen, or build a second story for your growing family, produce a task and we will deliver a solution. Our role would be to create a seamless addition that blends into an existing structure, keep consistent exterior style...


home additionChicago room addition may be either adding an extra room like a bathroom or a bedroom, or extending the existing room to make it more spacious. In order to add an extra room some structural changes are to be made to the existing structure as well as making a solid foundation for a new room to reside upon. Creatively made additions not only expand useful space, but change a perception or the existing room.

A small bedroom can grow to be a master bedroom, a tiny living room may now accommodate for an additional entertainment area as well as seating space. We can transfer a crowded kitchen into a spacious gourmet kitchen by adding that needed extra space creating a home addition.

Augustyn Construction Corporation is a home addition contractor operating from Chicago, Illinois. We help the home owners to extend living space. We can help you add an extra bedroom or add an extra floor to your house. Add a garage to a sunroom surrounded by a beautiful patio. Whatever it is we have skills and vast experience to make sure you get a strong and practical addition.


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