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Small Bathroom Remodeling ideas

Wilmette Bathroom remodeling project

simple ideas for large or smallbathroom design

With hundreds renovated bathrooms in Chicago, our team has proven is able to design, handle and finish any size bathroom remodeling project. From gorgeous master bathrooms with radiant floors and luxury design to small bathroom remodeling projects where creative ideas developed to make them appear larger.

Ideas for small bathroom remodeling

If you are doing a small bathroom remodeling, is it very important to examine it closely to utilize its potential and every square inch of it to make the most out of it. It is not just a matter of picking a small vanity and a small tub. Look at the general idea around the bathroom and maybe that unused closet adjacent to the bathroom may provide that needed additional space for expansion.

Creating a cathedral ceiling may visually add volume to the space. Sure, it is possible only on the top floor and when the roof has a slope, but even with a flat roof over the bathroom, putting up a skylight will not only help you save on energy but brighten up normally a tight space. Those projects may involve structural changes to the house, and our skilled project manager can make valuable recommendations on how to handle the project.

Try ultra-dark colors you would not use otherwise. Highlighting white spots like a sink, a tub, a toilet, baseboards or even a white pattern of wall paper may create that elegant look defining style. Just remember to put up enough light and accents or it would look dark and tiny defying the goal. When remodeling a small bathroom, another great way to visually increase the space is to put up a large wall mirror as well as glass shower enclosure. It would eliminate those obstructing walls and make the space visually wider and aloow to see from one end of the room to another. Click on the images below to see more:

In a small bathroom sacrificing a vanity cabinet and using a pedestal sink leaves a lot of space around it and visually adds extra space to the room. an elegant floating vanity (the one hanging off the wall, 1-2 feet in the air) takes up significantly less space without compromising the bathroom style. Eliminating elements from under the sink provides an extra space, so using a wall-mounted sink helps maximize the space in a small bathroom. Let's discuss your preferences and we will be able to provide you with a detailed bathroom remodeling estimate taking those things into consideration.

We also recommend to create style of those smaller bathrooms by lining up the design elements, make taller mirrors stack decorative lighting fixtures above each other. Glass mosaic tile on an accent wall would add movement and installed from floor to ceiling would draw attention to high ceilings visually increasing space.

Warning: oversized mirrors and fixtures can make the small bathroom look even smaller

With a right approach we can turn your small bathroom reno into redefining the style of it by using bolder colors, over the top patterns which in a regular space would not simply go. Expreimenting with elements from floor to ceiling and ceiling itself may produce surprizingly pleasant results. That is where our experience comes into play and attention to details will produce a high quality look in tight space.


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