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New Construction Home Additions

Home Additions

Now it slowly came to you that you just simply need more room. More room to grow into. Whether a family grew bigger and this house is too small a bedroom or two or a kitchen seems smaller than what you moved into. Entertainment room, extra bathroom or dedicated in-home office but you finally are coming to a conclusion that this has to be done.

And since this is definitely not a DIY project, we will be glad to help. Our years of experience and dozens of projects in a luggage we take time to go over your home addition project with you, weight pros and cons and suggest unique solutions to addition construction. The major things to look at are the interior flow from the main house into addition, exterior style seamless match. Main goal is to blend a new addition into your existing architecture but matching materials and style.

There are two types of additions: attached additions and stand alone additions. Some additions would require excavating the foundation, while others can be built over the existing structure, they in some cases, require reinforcing it.

Room and home additions

  • Master bathroom addition
  • Master bedroom addition
  • Kitchen addition or expansion
  • Guest bedroom(s) addition
  • Expanding or adding a living room or entertainment area

When it comes to an addition we make sure you get the best product structurally and decoratively. Your peace of mindOur work is always inspected and passed by government. We always require permits for the job or pull them ourselves. Our job is inspected by the State and we never proceed without approval. You are not necessarily a construction professional and this provides you with a peace of mind that the crucial work that later is hidden behind the drywall is done properly.

Additions always require approved drawings and plans. We will work with an architect of your choice or we offer an in-house planning and custom design. Careful planning is a key to any successful project and when it comes to the additions, planning is crucial. Augustyn Construction Corporation offers you an advantage to work with one contractor where you have a single source of planning, management, architectural design and construction to minimize misunderstanding between the departments.

Minimal disruption to your life

The ultimate goal is to deliver you the addition that expands the enjoyment of your customized home and to get to that point with minimum disruption and interference with your life while the addition is being created. You need to carry on with your life and our builders and contractors respect that. To the possible extent the work area will be left tidy and non work area will be covered in plastic and protective paper to minimize cleaning of it later.

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