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Chicago Basement Remodeling Service

Are you one of those homeowners who are blessed to have a basement attached to their homes but not able to realize their full potential? Basement is nothing but a room or even a set of rooms located under the ground. You can have a dark and dingy basement that serves little purpose or you can go for its remodelling to transform its looks and usefulness. Using your basement like a store is nothing but sheer wastage of decent amount of area under your possession. However, the same basement can be converted into a hall or any other structure according to your requirements through basement remodelling.

Maximize the potential of your basement

Basement remodelling can be cosmetic with just a few minor improvements or it could be extensive requiring services of the professionals. But before you start, you should be clear in your mind about the purpose for which you are undertaking this exercise. This is because it might be difficult and often expensive to reverse the process of remodelling once it is half way through. It is good to give your inputs but those who have been carrying out basement remodelling day in and day out certainly have their own ideas. Augustyn Remodelling is a company that has helped in transforming the basements of dozens of its clients in North Shore and its surrounding areas in North Chicago.

Working with an experienced contractor opens up possibilities

Augustyn Remodelling has a reservoir of experience in redesigning basement areas. Knowing what you intend to do with your basement gives the company the basic idea to come up with floor plans and how to go about the whole remodelling process. Whether it is extra living space like a bedroom or a home office that you are interested in, Augustyn Remodelling helps you arrive at a decision by telling you the intricacies and technicalities involved and the cost of the project.

The company starts with repairs of the basement to preclude possible leaks after remodelling has been done. Basements easily become moist and all your money spent on remodelling can go down the drain if moisture or dampness is not taken care of.

Augustyn Remodelling is a company that is fully insured and licensed to carry out remodelling of all sizes. It always insists on getting the required permits from the authorities before carrying out the renovation. This may require spending some money but it saves you from future troubles and legal battles with the authorities. The company gives you a design quote with no obligations on your part.

Free Basement Remodeling Quote for Illinois Homeowners

If you are about to start your project or you are weighting out the ideas, invite us for a free in home consultation. We offer a FREE basement design quote with no strings attached.

Remodelling is a costly endeavour and so it is always better to go with reliable and experienced contractors.

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Basement Reno Tips

These tips will help make your basement practical:

1Energy Flow: In feng shui terms, neglecting the state of your basement is neglecting the energy of your foundation.

2Water Proof: Proceed with renovation only when you made sure the foundation does not leak. It will save a lot of headache later.

3Sound Proof: Make it a quiet space. Walking above it does not have to be listened to.

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