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Chicago plastering company’s objective is to deliver excellent quality plastering services on every job. We have extensive experience in replacing old cracked plaster ceilings and plaster walls, patching and repairs of old plaster jobs. We offer damage repair on plaster walls and ceilings.

Augustyn Construction plasterer at workSurely you may consider drywalling instead of plaster, but in many cases it would mean gutting an entire room (or even an apartment to match) and putting drywall in its place. Fixing cracks in plaster or even re-plastering may be a lot more cost effective. Plaster has many advantages if executed properly. Plaster is strong and fire resistant. It is breathable, easily transmits vapors out and it is a lot more resistant to fungi and mold than drywall since it does not have organic layer for fungi to eat into.

Plastering as well as stucco can add your house this unique look and feel by creating special patterns and texture of the walls and ceilings. There are many plastering techniques like Veneer plastering, Smooth, Textured, Sponge and others our plastering company has experience with. It takes years of experience that we have in order to make walls unified finish to look perfect. Either you are planning your project in an apartment or an old historic house, we will be glad to work with you and recommend the appropriate finishes, since we are familiar with them first hand.

plastering texture close-upWe can explain you the basic differences in textures and purposes they serve, places where they might be appropriate and hint you the color gamma that may highlight the final work, give it this extraordinary feel and make it pop. Our team of professional plasterers will work with you to have the completed job achieve the initial goals on timely and organized manner.

During the process of lathing and plastering we protect all your floors, carpeting, rugs as well as furniture, appliances, windows and other fixtures with the waterproof covering and Kraft paper.

When the protection process is finished our plastering specialists can commence one of the following plastering operations according to your request:

  • Wall structure preparation for plasteringrepairing ceiling and walls, creaking, water damages, peeling paint, skim coating
  • restoring ornamental & decorative plaster
  • installing gypsum ceiling centers, domes, architectural moldings, miter blocks, catalogs available and special orders.
  • building new plaster constructions, rock lath, blue board, wire lath, drywall
  • stucco


Outside walls stucco replacement or creation of a new protective stucco layer from harsh Chicago weather may help extend life of your house. Additionally stucco can bring a unique look and create more sophisticated curb appeal for your Chicago house.



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