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Tuckpointing and Masonry

Tuckpointing and Masonry Services

AUGUSTYN CORPORATION of Chicago is extremely proficient in the masonry, concrete and tuckpointing services.

When building a new brick house, garage or just placing a brick mailbox in front of your house, that is the service we take our pride in offering. This centuries old profession develops overtime bringing new technologies in the loop, developing new materials that benefit not only a construction company but a final consumer of the product — a property owner. New products introduce higher quality standards, longer durability and protection against elements. New technologies offer better use of the products, new tools and new solutions to make the final product look great and last longer.

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Regardless of how well a brick structure is built, with time the mortar becomes loose, penetrating water does its destructive work when temperatures dive below freezing and the structure requires periodical maintenance. If not done in time or neglected, the bricks may crumble, the mortar gets washed out and the structure itself may be compromised. The answer to those problems is tuck pointing and brick repairs.

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